Discover the impressive presence of nature. The Aranese mountains (Pyrenees) have an alpine appearance with their characteristic flora and lush forests of giant trees, beech trees, red pine... Covered with lush vegetation for the fauna that live in the valley. The whole area is crossed by abundant water courses and lakes, a landsacape that seems to run into infinity in the Aran valley, where beauty is everywhere.

Vegetable landscape

The vegetable landscape of the Aran Valley is quite different from the one we find in the rest of the Catalan Pyrenees, as a direct consequence of its geographical situation. In this region there are basically two important factors which play an important role in the vegetable variation: the altitude, en another one linked to the main axis, which causes the entrance of sea humid air. The vegetation spreads out everywhere.

In high mountain areas, we find fir trees and black pines whereas in the middle and low part, we may find wild pines, beech trees, oak trees, birch trees, lime trees, hazelnut trees and maple trees. As frut plants we may find: strawberries, chicories, watercress and liquorice. We may find as well a Wide variety of wild flowers such as gentians and rhododendron.