Routes Aran valley

The Camping Verneda offers you a week-long excursion so that you and your family see the most beautiful areas in the Aran valley (Pyrenees).

Route 1 - Artiga de Lin

Artiga de Lin

Enter the town of Es Bòrdes 2 km. from the campsite, heading towards France. Once there, take the main road to Artiga de Lin. This stunning valley leads to the foot of Mount Aneto. On the way, you can admire the "Es Uelhs deth Joeu", the resurgence of the Joeu, a river that has its source in the Aneto Glacier and is filtered, appearing again in the form of this stunning waterfall.

It is worth stopping in the Plà de l'Artiga (the Artiga Plain), where at this time of year we can see numerous animals, especially horses. Descending now towards the town of Es Bòrdes, we recommend you take a well-kept forest track that leads to the "Bosque de Baricauba" (Baricauba Wood). This wood has the widest variety of flora in the Vall d'Aran (beech, ash, firs, and pine-trees). If you have made it as far as Baricauba, we suggest you continue until "Bassa de Oies" (Oles Lake) and then return to the campsite via Vielha.

Duration: 1/2 day if you only reach the Plà de l'Artiga and 1 full day if you do the whole trip.